Why we are proud of Beyoncé promoting our work - and can't just celebrate.

Why we are proud of Beyoncé promoting our work - and can't just celebrate.

Wow! Avido is listed in Beyonce's Black Owned Businesses Directory, curated by Zerina Akers and her initiative black owned everything. We are more than proud about this recognition. With the shockingly racist events that are part of our reality worldwide, we cannot just celebrate. Here are our thoughts.

*This blogpost reflects discussions between our teams in Kenya and Germany. Where views are exclusively expressed, the article uses citations.

Racism is global, white supremacy is a system and social inequalities that its mechanisms manifest limit people, they divide and they kill. We stand with the #blacklivesmatter movement and believe in the energy and power of the people, to change what is going wrong for way too long. 

However, racism and social injustice have different shapes and aspects in every society, in every community. While in the US the dominating topic is white police violence as the most visible effect of the conflict between the deep-rooted trauma of slavery and the inability of the white to open up without fear, the discussion in Kenya is different. In Nairobi, police violence is very present, too - but the policemen and women are not white. At the same time, Avido needs to explain to Nairobi's middle class as well as to internationals that people in Kibera are bright, full of potential and ready to get things done - that they are not limited by the places they are born in, but systems each of us recreate, when we don't pay close attention.

"We know about injustice and violence, prejudice, racial and social discrimination - we experience it within Kenya and we experience it globally, as people look at us as the poor, the uneducated, the needy." - Avido

To change the big picture, We need to name the problems. And create positive examples.

What we want to point out here: We need to use the visibility that the current and recurring cases of white police violence in the US create to continue to name the effects of racism and social inequality in all its shapes and forms globally. Let us use the energy, to create, join hands and lead by example. We do not exclude and turn to ourselves, but we discuss openly, confront, exchange and find solutions. We know our position, and can determine the way forward.

lookslike avido is on the mission to show the creativity and potential in a place that most people have strong opinions about but hardly ever go to. We tell our story to inspire youths locally and people in the world that experience inequality. The message is simple: You can make it happen, if you know your goal and take the next step. No matter, where you are coming from or which color your skin has. Yes, we are a black owned business. As such, we use our experiences to change things for the better for all, not for an exclusive circle of people. We are open-minded, we are diverse.

We thank BeyGOOD and the Black Business Impact Fund as well as Zerina Akers for the mention. We are more than proud to be part of the Black Owned Business Directory. We would be happy to give you a talk through of everything that we are about so feel free to reach out in advance of future activities.

About Black Parade by Beyoncé

Black Parade - the song by the soul queen, songwriter, actress and activist became a hymn of the global black lives matter-movement after the death of George Floyd. It benefits BeyGOOD's Black Business Impact Fund, administered by NAACP. The Black Owned Business Directory is one of the initiatives launched by the fund, creating a platform for African-owned businesses from all sectors, technology and manufacturing to fashion and creativity. It is curated by Zerina Akers and her initiative black owned everything. You should definitively take a look, the variety and quality is impressive!