We can make it custom

Lookslike Avido fashion house is open for custom orders. The product is created specifically for the customer according to their requirements. Using the creation of a tailored suit as an example, all measurements for the suit would be customer-specific and the suit would be created just for the individual customer. Customized products also include products that are created using images, diagrams or descriptions provided by the customer.

Information we might need when making your order:

- Specific measurements of your body or an item needed
- Inspirational images, sketches

Fabrics we work with:

Avido Fashion house focuses on working with a 100% cotton African Kitenge material. We are able to provide available pattern images or source new one by the colours or patterns preferred. Available fabric images will be shared via email or WhatsApp if needed.

Production time:

Once the idea is discussed and finalised between the client and a designer, production time takes up to 2 weeks.


Every delivery is done using our trusted partner DHL. Delivery worldwide takes up to 1 week. We will provide you with the order tracking code.

Tell us about your idea

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